Your destination

Your destination, Provence

“Poets, painters and novelists have celebrated the warm weather, the scarcity of rain and the exceptional brightness of Provence “.


…Can you hear the sweet sound of cicadas? Do you feel the sun caress your skin? Do you feel the sweet smell of lavender, thyme or rosemary in the garrigue?
Just imagine … your wedding … on the lands of Marcel Pagnol, Giono or Frédéric Mistral … in a castlea winery … a private propertyin a vineyard … in a lavender field … the choice is yours!
It is difficult not to succumb to the charms of a region bathed in the sun, the true cradle of traditions, good manners and authenticity.
For this reason, and after many trips abroad, we have set our sight on Provence and especially the Vaucluse and Drôme Provençale. Wherever you look and regardless of the season, you see beautiful sites.

Here are two options of privileged reception sites from our selection:

Domaine Le Vallon

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